Howie Gonna HOWIE: Eagles Trade Jordan Matthews And A 3rd Round Pick For CB Ronald Darby

Ain’t no preseason till Howie Roseman makes the newspapers with a big deal!

First thing’s first: Ronald Darby is a damn good young CB. He’s a lock down starter for sure on the Eagles. Hell, he’s be a CB1 on just about every team in the league. But let’s not lose the forrest through the trees here. Yes, the Eagles needed a cornerback that could play above an 8th grade lever. But this is kind of a short term fix to a long term issue. Now the Eagles don’t have 2nd or 3rd round picks next year. That’s somewhat a problem. And by that I mean it’s a HUGE fucking deal for a squad riddled with mediocre talent and a salary cap in disarray. Sure, Howie will probably sacrifice all of his future generations and every draft pick from 2019-2034 to trade back into those rounds cause he doesn’t give a FUCK about later. But still, great teams build and develop through the draft and fit key pieces through FA when needed. This team is the exact opposite besides Wentz, albeit the most important position on Earth.

But do people realize just how good of a receiver Jordan Matthews was in his first three seasons? Look at this. LOOK AT IT.

And that includes every third pass going through his mitts and ricocheting off his face. Yes, he was supposed to get paid after this season. Can the Eagles survive without him in 2017? Sure. Long term?
Let’s see. Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith are both on one-year deals. If they suck, OK. One and done. But even if they explode it’ll be difficult to sign at least Jeffrey long term as the salary cap is in SHAMBLES – (Observe Here). Is Nelson Agholor gonna step it up to the Nigerian Nitrous like we intended him to be as a first round pick? We’ll see. He’s shown flashes this pre-season, as well as in previous pre-seasons in between ventures into low level area strip clubs to do…stuff. Mack Hollins had a decent touchdown last night. Not too sure if that’s worth investing long term into, but Caleb has been shaking his nuts all over me about him since the draft. Or at least that’s why I’d assume he’s been shaking his nuts all over me. And Bryce Treggs is a speed demon with a lot to prove.

Yes, the Eagles desperately need a corners. Plural. Maybe 4 of them. Darby should solve one spot for this season and next before he gets PAID. Sidney Jones hopefully will lock down the other side next season. But people need to stop cheerleading these band-aid moves and start asking the question WHY do the Eagles put themselves in these critical situations? This was done to fix MULTIPLE previous fuck ups of letting go of Eric Rowe, signing McKelvin, and the Byron Maxwell (Yes, I’m aware that was Chip) disaster. Derek Barnett was drafted 1st round to deal with them mistakenly signing backup Vinny Curry to a starter’s extension and the Marcus Smith pick. They signed Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith to one-year deals cause there hasn’t been a receiver on the outside that has done dick since DeSean Jackson (Chip, again) and Maclin (Andy Reid illegally goosing). I’m tired of this team critical issues with seemingly good offseason moves while better teams don’t even have to worry. They just build through the draft and call it a franchise. The Eagles keep spinning their wheels.


But let’s all enjoy Darby while we got him. He’s one hell of a young player. Go Birds Go.