Cowboys Fans Are STUNNED Ezekiel Elliot Has Been Suspended Six Games Even Though There's No Proof He Did Anything Wrong



Folks, can you believe this? I mean really, can you believe what’s going on at NFL Headquarters today? All signs point to Ezekiel Elliot being suspended, some even calling the impending punishment a “definite,” and there’s no real evidence that there was actually anything improper done in the first place (Update: Suspended SIX games). It’s a real shocking heel turn for the commissioner, who has notoriously been very fair and balanced in all his investigative processes except for a few minor ones.

I understand that it’s insane to compare deflated footballs (which weren’t actually deflated) to *five* alleged domestic violence incidents in a six day span, that would be like comparing deflated footballs (which weren’t actually deflated) to steroid use, but this situation bares some similarities, does it not? A superstar is accused of wrongdoing and potentially “destroying evidence” then it turns out that there’s no real proof anything happened. Yet Roger Goodell is going to issue a suspension nonetheless? Frankly I’m shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you.
You guys have no one to blame but yourselves, however. For a decade Patriots fans have been telling you that NFL investigations have less order than a kangaroo court. We’ve screamed it on high while the rest of you just called us cheaters and whiny cry babies. In 2012, following the conclusion of the bogus “BountyGate” investigation, Saints fans came around and realized the impropriety of it all. They’re now our brethren. 2013 brought the Dolphins fans, and Ritchie Incognito in particular, into the light and made them realize just what a big load of shit the NFL has going on. The next year? That’s when Roger Goodell handled the Ray Rice investigation horribly and had to lie his ass off to try and save that silly putty fuck face of his. That’s when he blatantly told falsehoods about his interview with Rice, not caring that the whole thing was on the record and could be checked.
Now it’s the Cowboys turn to cry foul. You don’t get to join up with the Wall defenders in New England and New Orleans, it’s too late for you know. You can’t sit with us, as they say. But I’m glad your eyes have been opened to it all. Next year it will be another team and they’ll cry that they can’t believe it, but know that here in the North we’ve been hip to Goodell’s game for quite some time. We’ve been trying to tell every team in the NFL that eventually he will come for you. As Niemoller said, first they came for the Patriots and I did not speak out because I am not a Patriot and I wanted to think they’re lying cheaters, then they came for the Saints and I did not speak out because I am not a Saint and I was jealous about how awesome New Orleans is, then they came for the Dolphins and I did not speak out because I enjoyed disliking Ritchie Incognito…
Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.
Smarten up now, NFL fans. You’re next.

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