A Boat Full Of Migrants Came In With The Tide On A Beach In Spain

CNN- Sunbathers were stunned by the sight of a dinghy packed with dozens of African migrants landing on a Spanish beach Wednesday.

The boat arrived on Playa de los Alemanes, a beach in the Spanish town of Zahara de los Atunes, near Cadiz.
The incident, caught on camera, shows holidaymakers in bathing suits looking on in amazement as the migrants disembark the boat, clinging onto their belongings as they run up the beach.
A Spanish police spokesman told CNN that one officer was in the area when the migrants arrived on shore. He was later supported by local agents from Tarifa and Barbate.
“The fact is that the disembarking of immigrants in this area of ??the coast is not common, and it has been a surprise for the citizens and the agents themselves,” Juan Fernandez, spokesman for Spain’s Guardia Civil, said.

Increasingly, African migrants are seeking a cheaper and easier path to Europe, setting sail for Spain from Morocco in toy dinghies and jetskis. The average price to cross from the Moroccan coast to Spain is around 500 euros (about $590), according to Frontex.

Spain has a bit of a history with racism. The Spanish Inquisition was NO joke. So if you’re on the beach in Spain, how do you react to this? Lying on a cabana under a straw hat, sipping a piña colada, reading a Judy Blume novel when a bunch of African migrants roll in like some Navy SEALs. Let’s set race aside here: if I see a group of 30 guys wash in like some commandos and start running up the beach, I’m fucking TERRIFIED. They’re clearly not returning from a snorkeling trip.

Having said that, as a viewer from across the Atlantic, it’s pretty funny. SO brazen. Middle of the day, broad sunlight, and they chose to come in on one of the busiest, whitest beaches in Spain. You have to respect the balls on these guys. It’s the old “everyone expects us to arrive at night, in some remote location, so we’re going to get there at noon, and land in the middle of the beach.” And maybe it worked? Apparently there was ONE officer on the scene.

The Guardia Civil did not provide any more details about the number of migrants on board, or whether they had since been located.

Yep. They got away. Good for them. I love a good integration story.

PS- this kid is running to tell his dad. What a narc.

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