Some Random Dude From Kazakhstan Who Looks Exactly Like Conor McGregor Goes Out In NYC And Gets Mobbed

This is hilarious.  Has there ever been a better time to look EXACTLY like Conor McGregor?  I mean, now that I think about it more, pretty much every day is an awesome day to look like Conor McGregor.  Pretty good looking dude who everyone assumes can whoop their ass in 0.2 seconds.  Bet you nobody ever fucks with fake Conor McGregor.  Bet he hasn’t found himself in any sort of physical confrontation or conflict in like 10 years.  Bet girls like meeting fake Conor McGregor out at the bar.  Life’s probably pretty good.   Being fake Conor McGregor > being Islam Badurgov from Kazakhstan.

Islam Badurgov doesn’t roll up on an NYC city street like this.

Islam Badurgov doesn’t have chicks lifting their shirts up and flashing their boobs at him on command.   He just does…Kazakhstani shit. Watches Borat?  Idfk.