Inmate Goes Live On Facebook With A Cell Phone And Flashing A Knife: I Love It!

I need to be honest for a minute. I love it when inmates have cell phones and shit. It’s wonderful. Unfiltered inmates just doing shit with their closest prison pals makes my heart soar. Of course, I’m a little nervous about the knife situation. I love when they are drinking and carrying on. I really love watching them try to escape. Inmates with knives doesn’t seem like the safest of scenarios but that’s neither here nor there. I love them in their element.

Prison shows are popular as hell. From Oz to Orange Is The New Black to Locked Up to Locked Up Abroad to Prison Break. Prison shows are great. A real unfiltered prison show that stars the prisoners on their own terms would be fascinating.

You’d have to have some rules, though.

1. The phone for your live streams will not be supplied for you. If you want to be on the show, you have to earn it. You either have to barter for the phone or, on your commitment to the jail, you need to shove that fucker straight up your butt. Dont worry. Some of the phones are very small. Anal fissures are not a concern at this time.


2. You can’t just ramble on during the live stream. Have a plan. Make stories. When it comes to jail streams, it’s about content, content, content but don’t take the jailies (stoolies for jail shows) for granted. Sure, they are loyal but don’t abuse that. Quality. That’s all we ask for. Saturdays Are For The Confined.

That’s it. The rest would be on them. I was going to put a weekly dance and song routine as a requirement but if they don’t know they should do that, the show wont last that long anyway, folks. Because dancing prisoners fuck.