People Trying to Ward Off Evil Spirits with Candles Set Fire to Their Building. Irony Ensues


LA TimesResidents of a Costa Mesa duplex were burning candles and sage to ward off evil spirits just before a fire broke out Tuesday night, fire officials said.

Costa Mesa firefighters were called to the two-story duplex at 350 Avocado St. at 9:40 p.m., said fire Capt. Chris Coates. …

Coates suggested that residents monitor candles closely to help prevent a fire.

“Anytime you have an open flame burning inside your residence, it can be very dangerous,” he said.

Let this be a lesson to us all. Yes, ridding your house of evil spirits is crucial. As anyone who’s had to live with the troublesome little entities, it is not box of chocolates and you’ve got to do whatever you can. But then again, is dying in a smoky, raging inferno really any better?

See this is the kind of thing they did really talk about in school when the Fire Marshall would show up for Fire Prevention Week. It was all about space heaters, exposed wiring and not having things too close to the fireplace. But not a word about how to scare off poltergeists without candles and burning sage, which you need. You can’t get a decent wiccan ceremony off the ground without them. Everyone knows that. So just be smart. Use jar candles whenever you can. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Or just learn to live with demonic possession; that’s fine too. Just most of all, use your smarts. Word to the wise.