A Brawl Broke Out At A South African Golf Course And There Are Some A+ Slaps

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 1.29.40 PM

(I apologize for this but you have to click this link to see the video. I tried FORVER to figure out how to embed it and I failed. It flat out wouldn’t work. I almost cried)

Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned brawl during a lovely round of golf. Some A+ slaps happening during that skirmish. I’m actually shocked we don’t see more golf course brawls. I’m disappointed we see more people getting run over by golf carts than we do golf course brawls. Because tensions can run REAL high on the course. Between gambling, excessive boozing, assuming conceded putts and just plain ol’ competitiveness I think we should see more 2004 Vibe awards-style fights. Also, how about those ladies repeatedly yelling, “Oh we got you on camera! We got the whole thing”? You think dudes exchanging blows give a fuck about being on camera? Never not once has there ever been a fight that stopped cause somebody told them they were on camera. Guys being dudes are gonna finish a fight 100 times out of 100.