Scot McCoughlan's Twitter Is Going To Make Matt Jones Millions Of Dollars

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A couple days ago Scot McCloughan joined Twitter and it has been very informative and revealing so far. But the best thing that has happened has been his undying love for Matt Jones.

Matt Jones, as well all know, was drafted by Scot in the 3rd round of the 2015 draft. He made some waves his rookie season, and then ran his way into the starter’s job in 2016, starting 7 games and averaging 4.6 ypc. But he couldn’t stop fumbling at the absolute worst time, so he was continually benched, eventually losing his job to Fat Rob.

But Scot still believes in the speedster, who is currently behind me on the Redskins RB depth chart.

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Getting that sort of endorsement from Scot is no small deal. His voice carries heavy weight in the football community. I think his time with the Skins is just about over, but getting the Scot McCloughan stamp of approval will for sure open up many, many doors for him.

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Never seen a GM (fired or not) so high on a player that’s currently hanging on by a thread. I guess as a Skins fan I hope Scot is way wrong, but it won’t shock me when Matt Jones signs elsewhere and goes for 1300 this season. Great size and speed, and a blast to watch play.