Jagr Is Considering Going Back To Europe And Now It's Time To Protest


Sportsnet – Despite being the first name that follows Wayne Gretzky’s on the NHL’s all-time scorer’s list, veteran winger Jaromir Jagr still remains without a contract as the end of the off-season nears. But it appears the 45-year-old does have one alternative option on the table.

Jagr is reportedly considering returning to play in Europe due to the lack of interest from NHL clubs to this point, with Czech Republic team HC Kladno – for which he serves as owner – standing as his preferred option until a North American team comes calling.

The most serious negotiations I have are with Kladno,” Jagr told’s Michael Langron Wednesday. “Because Kladno has a smart owner who knows what he wants.”

First off–incredible quote from Jags there. Put it right up there with “Hi. I’m Jaromir Jagr. And my favorite player growing up was Jaromir Jagr”. And in case reading comprehension isn’t something that you thrive in, what makes that quote incredible is the fact that Jagr is the owner of Kladno.

Anyways…. Enough is enough. Jaromir Jagr is being blackballed in the NHL and for what? It is based on nothing besides his age. I simply will not take it anymore. So it’s time to protest. August 23rd at the NHL Headquarters in New York. United We Stand. A rally for Jaromir Yahgur. And if that rally doesn’t get the job done? Well then I’m at the point where I’m ready to fight all 31 NHL GMs if Jagr doesn’t have a contract in place by the end of the weekend. It’s not like he’s Kaepernick or anything like that. He can still be serviceable to any team for at least another full season or so. Whether that’s as a locker room presence or a powerplay specialist or what. But you can’t tell me with a straight face that there are 31 rosters in the NHL right now who would all get WORSE if they added Jagr to the mix. Get out of my face with that shit.

The first NHL GM that I’d like to punch in the face is Dale Tallon. I know the whole Panthers debacle of last season wasn’t his fault since he got pushed upstairs for Tom Rowe to come in. But he was in charge this summer when they dicked him over didn’t offer him another contract at the end of the season. Next up on my ass kicking list with be George McPhee. Because everybody with half a brain knows that Jagr belongs in Vegas. How they haven’t reached out to him yet is beyond me. Their offense is garbage to begin with so at least bring in a guy who can put asses in the seats. Third on my ass kicking list will be John Chayka. Do I want to see Jagr spend his final days playing for the Coyotes in the desert? No. But I know Chayka is the leader of the stat nerds and they’re the ones to blame for all of this. After that, the other 28 GMs in the league can all line up in alphabetical order until one of them grows the balls to make the right move.