Mitch Marner Is The Closest Thing We Have To A Real Life Kenny Wu

First things first–yes, the NHL does need to throw springboards on the ice at the top of the circles. Will add an entirely new dimension to the game that can actually be utilized in today’s game. Back in the day when Scott Stevens was skating around looking to take guys’ heads off their shoulders? Maybe wouldn’t be the best idea to start sending guys up in the air through high traffic areas. But today when you can barely touch anybody without heading to the box? I think it’s a no-brainer. Which, no brainer is coincidentally what you’d be if you tried to pull this shit against Stevens. But that’s besides the point.

We’ve been waiting 23 years to see anything remotely similar to that Kenny Wu play happen in real life. And now Mitch Marner has finally figured out a way to make it happen. Does it hurt to think that D2: The Mighty Ducks came out 3 years before Mitch Marner was even born? Yeah, that’s a tough pill to swallow. But he’s a very good boy with a creative mind and hands of silk on the ice. He’s the real life version of Kenny Wu. They’re similar in stature. They’re similar in the sense that they both look at least 10 years too young to be playing at the level they’re playing at. And now they’re pulling the same moves on the ice.

P.S. – Never Forget that time that Mitch Money put Davey Pageviews in his back pocket.