Walmart Facing Some Backlash For Putting Guns In The "Back To School" Section With The Sign "Own The School Year Like A Hero"

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MONEY.CNNWalmart has condemned a display inside one of its stores that appeared to market firearms as back-to-school items. The company said Wednesday it was working to identify which of its stores put up the exhibit.

A sign reading “Own the school year like a hero” was placed directly above a glass case filled with guns. Photos of it spread like wildfire on social media.

People cried foul on Twitter and demanded an explanation from Walmart. One person asked: “What are you suggesting?”

Guns in the Back To School section…possible honest mistake.   A problematic mistake to be sure.  But possibly honest.

Guns in the Back To School section with a banner directly above it saying “Own The School Year Like A Hero” – okay now somebody is fucking with you.  I know a troll when I see it and my troll senses are tingling with this one.   Fool me once shame on you, become a direct advertiser and proponent of deadly school shootings, also shame on you.

To be completely fair to Walmart, it was one store.  Out of how many, a billion approximately?  Each one with like, 1 million workers.  So if you do the math there, carry the zeros…yeah, it’s hard to control one rogue employee from doing something dumb during their $10 an hour shift. I’m not sure I would call it a Walmart “marketing strategy” like the CNN article suggested, not without seeing the minutes from the last HQ brand meeting discussing improving margins by moving in on the mass murder market.

We’ve seen shit like this at Walmart before.

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Walmart also profusely apologized and took quick action.

Walmart responded to some of the comments by calling the display “truly awful” and “horrible.”

Spokesman Charles Crowson told CNNMoney that the company is “not happy” and is “working diligently” to find out where the photo was taken and ensure the sign has been removed.

You are responsible for your employees though, no matter how big or small you are, whether you’re a mega conglomerate selling guns for back to school, a tiny humble sports blog with part timers writing about Nazis and Google while you’re on vacation, etc etc.  It’s Walmart’s responsibility and they have to own up to it, have to remove the display, invite the offended parties on Walmart Radio (today at noon, only on Sirius) and iron it all out, common company stuff.  Only way for everyone to move on.

Now if you want to talk about Walmart selling guns in the first place, that’s a different conversation, one that I’m sure you could find some cuck here at Libstool to debate you on.

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