The Orioles Players Weekend Jerseys Are Here And The Nicknames Aren't Too Bad! Take A Look:

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We waited and waited to see the nicknames that MLB players will wear during “Players Weekend” on August 25th – August 27th, finally they were released. I won’t lie. I was hoping the MLB would let the players have more fun with it and loosen the rules, but according to some MLB players, they weren’t allowed to use some nicknames. For example- Trey Mancini said that MLB said he couldn’t use “Boom Boom” on his jersey. Lighten up Manfred, let the boys have some fun. The overall jersey itself is pretty good looking, I do like the hat as well. Can’t get enough of the Bird swinging the bat logo too.

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I’ll show you the O’s jerseys that I’m a fan of…

Chris “Crush” Davis- Love the nickname for Davis. Crush is what he’s known as in Baltimore, well that is when he isn’t setting the single season record for Ks. I would have allowed “Crusher” as well, but Orange Crush gets a thumbs up for me.

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Welington “Beef” Castillo- Another no brainer here, Beef was the only name Welington could have gone with. Still not 100% sure what Beef Welington is, but I’m a fan of this jersey. Just because I can yell and tweet about Beef whenever he does anything good.

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Jonathan “Mamba” Schoop- Not sure where “Mamba” comes from, I know its in his Instagram name too, but I want it on the record that I HATE Kobe Bryant and his whole “Mamba” schtick. But since Schoop is having such an insane year, second in the AL in RBI with 82, 25 homers, and a .302 average, he does have that Kobe Bryant “nothing can stop me”mentality this year, so I’ll let it slide. If I was Schoop, I think “Johnny Baseball” would have been my pick, or “Schoop Is Dope”.

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Darren “Odachowski” O’Day- I did some research and looked into the origins of Darren’s last name, and what I suspected was right. His original family name was “Odachowski”, and it was eventually shortened to O’Day. His family probably loved season 2 of The Wire. Respect for going with the family name.

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Ryan “Flash” Flaherty- Like Beef, this is the only nickname that Flaherty could have chosen. Great nickname for the guy who literally can play all over. Flash just fits perfectly. He is a shoe freak, so I’m sure he’ll have some insane kicks for this weekend series too.

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Now let’s talk about the nicknames that I think STINK.

Manny “Mr. Miami” Machado, Trey “Trey” Mancini, Adam “Pappo” Jones- Come on Manny. Literally everyone in Baltimore knows he is from Miami and wants to go back, so why torture us with that nickname? If you wanted to show your Miami support, make your nickname “DALE!!!!”. Hell, go with “Macho Manny”, or “Human Vacuum” or “Best Third Baseman On The Planet”, anything other than “Mr. Miami”.

Mancini going with the good old first name. I personally tried to get him to go with “Trey Train”, but that didn’t work. Rumor has it he tried to get “Boom Boom”, but MLB said no. He did go to Notre Dame, so I guess he could have gone with “4-6″.

I thought Adam Jones was going to get realllll creative and have fun with this. I was expecting “Cap10″, “Cap10 America”, or his twitter name, “@SimplyAJ10″

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Brad “B-Rad” Brach- Not a fan. When I hear “B-Rad” I think of a 16-year-old California kid who shreds sick waves and has posters of Kelly Slater on his wall. Should have gone with “Brach Star”.

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Mark Trumbo- Idk HOW Trumbo didn’t use “Trumboner” on the jersey. I mean that is as close to a layup as you could get. SMH.

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Ubaldo “Big U” Jimenez- Should have gone with “Water Trash”. That is all.

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Caleb “Cabob” Joseph- Idk if any Orioles fan has heard this nickname used for Joseph, I’d have gone with “1 Ball” or “Lance”, in honor of his injury last year. Hell, “CaJo” would have been another money nickname for Caleb.

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Boring guys- Ruben Tejada, Seth Smith, Miguel Castro, Richard Bleier, and Wade Miley- Come on guys. Pick a name, just literally any name. Why stick with your last name? Seth “Dad” Smith would have been the best, well because he looks like every white, suburban dad in America. Wade “500 Walks” Miley, because the guy loves walking people! I don’t like that these guys just took an L and went with their regular names, liven up.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 9.35.08 PMScreen Shot 2017-08-09 at 9.35.29 PM

I liked what the other teams did, “Corey’s Brother” for Kyle Seager, “All Rise” for Judge, “PTBNL” for Josh Phegley. Just wish some of the O’s had a little more creativity.

And while we’re here, the Orioles had a great win on Monday night, a Manny grand slam started the series in LA off nicely, and then they dropped the next 2 and lost a series they easily should have won. Now they head to Oakland for 4. They crawled all the way back to .500 at 56-56, but fell to 56-58 and 2.5 out of the Wild Card race.