A Personal Injury Lawyer And Her Wife Reportedly Go Berserk At A Restaurant When Valet Parks Their Mercedes Out Of Sight

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Daily Mail- A lawyer and her wife have been accused of launching into a violent spree after a valet parked her Mercedes out of view.

After having a few drinks, Amy and Barbara Witherite were leaving a restaurant when they started throwing punches at several people, according to Dallas police.

The incident was reportedly sparked when Amy’s luxury Mercedes was no longer parked in front of the restaurant, throwing her into an outrage on Saturday night.

Both women, in their 50s, are facing assault charges for allegedly punching, kicking and smashing a glass against a person’s face over the parking incident.

The incident kicked off around 9pm on Saturday night when Amy allegedly told the valet: ‘Where the f**k is my car?’

Amy was ‘irate’ that her 2017 Mercedes S550, which starts at a base price of $96,600, was no longer parked outside of the eatery, according to the arrest report.

Although the valet told her that he would bring the car to her, Amy still wasn’t pleased and allegedly punched the man before smashing a glass against another man’s face, police said. 

Barbara, 56, got involved when she allegedly went up to a nearby witness, saying ‘do you think that is funny?’, before punching and kicking him, according to police. 

At this point, a crowd attempted to intervene and the women crossed the street before allegedly continuing their punching spree, records show.

Barbara punched a woman and attempted to take her purse, knocking the woman down and trying to prevent her from calling 911, police said.

Love to see gay couples standing up for their rights in 2017. Oh what’s that? They (allegedly) blew up at a restaurant in Dallas because valet parked their $100,000 Benz around the corner? Amy (allegedly) punched a guy, then (allegedly) smashed a glass against another guy’s face? Meanwhile, Barb (allegedly) took care of a chuckling bystander with a flurry of fists and kicks.

These blows are no joke, either, since Barb and Amy take Muay Thai together 6 days a week. On Sunday, their day off, they volunteer at an animal shelter and terminate all the unclaimed pets. Amy, the more humane of the two, prefers using lethal injection. For Barb’s money, there’s nothing more satisfying than a few stiff whacks to the skull of a small dog with a flat shovel. Either way, they left a trail of bloody teeth in their wake.* Next time, those valet boys will know better than to treat them like second-class citizens just because they’re women!

The one part of this I can’t fathom is why Barb then (allegedly) ran across the street, punched a woman, and tried to steal her purse. That seems out of character for these two upstanding citizens. The violence is justifiable, but theft? You’d think Amy’s legal background would serve as a deterrent to such wanton delights. Oh well, a few weeks in an all-women’s prison might be exactly what the doctor ordered for Amy and Barb.

*This part is not (alleged) it is a sarcastic, humorous fantasy version of events supported by parody law.