Good News - Scot McCloughan Is On Twitter And He's Fantastic

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Ultimate football guy.

First of all, Scot is going to be a must-follow during football season if he really embraces Twitter. He’s a football genius and has no problem sharing his insight and knowledge with the fans.

Yesterday he joined Twitter and did an impromptu Q and A with fans, and he dropped some great answers that made me feel really good about the upcoming season. The best answer though was the following:

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Look, this team is going to stink as long as Bruce Allen is in charge (and Snyder too, of course). It’s theoretically possible to win while Snyder owns the team, but without having a true football guy GM, who eats, breaths, smokes, and poops football in charge, you really are not going to win anything. Scot was that football guy, and he put everything and more into rebuilding this squad, only to be kicked to the curb. So for the Skins to have followed his draft board and offseason plan “to a T” is a sigh of relief. Scot doesn’t draft guys because they are flashy, or come from big schools, he drafts the right guys needed to build a team around. So it’s comforting that even though he’s gone, at least the Skins had one final year of his rebuild, even though he was sitting on the couch.

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Obviously another good sign is he had Pryor as his top guy and the Skins went out and got him.


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I don’t know if he’s talking about football in general or to the Skins, but hey, if Bret Hart can return to the WWE, Scot can return to the Skins. Maybe an advisor role or something like that. It would be a waste of a brilliant football mind for him to be sitting at home not helping a team, and I’d prefer for that team to be mine.

And for the record:

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And obviously: