I DEMAND The Yankees Pass On "Player's Weekend" Jerseys

(Please read this blog with the anger that Smitty shows when someone questions his intramural ability)

August 25th kicks off “Players Weekend” and as part of that, players around the league will be able to put nicknames on the back of their jerseys.

In Cleveland or some other flyover city this is fun. You need gimmicks to get people out to games for garbage teams like the Reds, but this should not happen in the Bronx. Forget nicknames, I want no names at all because this is about a tradition that the Yankees started in 1929.

A little history for you all. The Yankees were the first team to put numbers on jerseys permanently when they had Earle Combs wear #1, Mark Koenig #2, Babe Ruth #3, Lou Gehrig #4, Bob Meusel #5, Tony Lazzeri #6, Leo Durocher #7, Johnny Grabowski #8, Benny Bengough #9, and Bill Dickey #10, to represent their order in the lineup. Other teams followed suit because as the batting order changed, it was a way to sell programs and see who each player was. From there other teams followed along and added numbers to their jerseys and then names. However, the Yankees have never had a name on the back of the jersey because “the name on the front matters the most” and “it’s 25 men acting at 1″. So far that has worked out nicely because of the 27 World Series that you may have heard a Yankee fan or two mention.

Now with “Players Weekend” approaching, the Yankees players have the option to add a name to the back of their jersey and they NEED to sit this one out. We currently sit 4 games out of the division lead and are sinking fast. Adding names to the back of a jersey won’t directly help or hurt. But the players coming together and deciding to stick with tradition will show the fans they care more about the play on the field, than the shirt on their back. With so many concerns about the ego of our young players like Frazier and Judge, this just isn’t a distraction we need.

PS: Why do we need a “Player’s Weekend”? They get a player’s paycheck and I think that should be more than enough, but instead they’re just making more merch for the owners to profit off. Pawns.

PPS: If you buy a jersey with a name on the back, I don’t take you seriously as a fan and I hate you.