Justin Bieber Hung Around With A Bunch Of Golfers During Their Practice Rounds At Quail Hollow

Hey guys, what the hell is going on with Justin Bieber? He’s been doing some WEIRD shit lately. First he cancels his MASSIVE tour. Then he’s pictured getting handsy with a weird pastor. Then it comes out that he’s trying to start his own church. Now he’s hanging out with professional golfers at the PGA Championship. Just very strange behavior. This is gonna sound like a crazy prediction but I think Bieber is gonna be dead soon. Like very very soon. I don’t want that to happen cause the dude puts out fire jams but I can already hear people saying, “Whoa! He was just at the PGA Championship practice round and now he’s dead!?!? He was just singing songs  with Kevin Na and Wesley Bryan and now he’s gone forever. That’s crazy.” That just feels like the trajectory we’re on. And, I could be mistaken, but I think the connection between Bieber and Bubba Watson is that weirdo priest. Pretty sure I heard that somewhere. They have some strange connection. Mark it down. Bieber doesn’t see Christmas.