Sources Say That Marouane Fellaini Took A Soccer Ball Off The Face Last Night


I’m not a soccer player and I don’t even really knows the rules of the game. I can say with certainty that getting smoked in the face like that would hurt.

There’s nothing worse than being hit in the face with the ball. Your eyes start watering. Your nose bleeds. People ask you if you’re ok but you don’t even wanna respond because if you do, you will cry. You know it. They know. The refs know it. People start circling up to ask you if you’re fine. You’re not fine. You have blood in your teeth, for Christ’s sake. How could you be fine? Answering any and all questions like

I’ve never experienced pain in my life like getting hit in the face with a soccer ball. I’m just glad high-definition cameras weren’t there to capture the action. At least our pal Marouane Fellaini was a good sport about it.

Head on swivel when you’re on the pitch. And that was talkin soccer.