Supermodel Ashley Graham Had "12 Hour Dates And No Premarital Sex" To "Build Up Friendship" Before Marrying Her Husband And Now We're All In Big Trouble



Her first boyfriend in high school broke up with her because he said he was afraid she’d someday be as fat as his mom. “That really made me hyperaware that I am a big girl, and that’s how people see me.” Then she went a little wild and lost her virginity to the high-school quarterback in the basement of a house party. After that, she stayed in an emotionally abusive relationship for far too long, mainly because that ex-boyfriend was the first man who seemed to appreciate her body. Before she got married, she and her husband, Ervin, built up their friendship through 12-hour dates, and no premarital sex. Until she met him, Graham had always gravitated toward bigger guys. Now, she says, “my husband weighs less than me, but he feels bigger than me.” She even tested him out by having him toss her around in different positions before they were having sex.

Listen I’m all for Ashley Graham’s modeling game.  She’s hot.  Empowering.  An inspiration to millions of women.  You go girl.  Your high school boyfriend sounds like a real piece of shit. Bet he’s pumping gas somewhere right now in order to afford diapers for his 3rd kid that he just had with someone 45 pounds heavier than his dumb mom while fantasizing about what could have been with an SI Swimsuit model.   Fucking loser.

Where the trouble comes in is that little quip about how she found the love of her life, the man she adores.  12 hour dates?  No premarital sex?  “Building a friendship”?  What in the hell?  And the issue is Graham is so hot right now women are going to take this as the gospel and slowly but surely start demanding day-long dates and nights watching Netflix without any of the chill.    Not just dinner and a movie anymore, it’s breakfast, a trip to the museum, a walk on the High Line, stop for ice cream cones, lunch, the top of the Rock, a pedicab ride through Central Park, a glass of wine outside at a cafe, dinner.  Dessert.  Aforementioned Netflix.   Which I’ll admit sounds incredibly pleasant writing it all out like that.  Damn.

But no.  You revolutionized modeling Ashley.  You don’t need to revolutionize dating.   Please let us have sex before marriage.  Can we agree on like, 5th date at least?  That’s a fair compromise I think.


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