Dick Pound Continues To Nail The NHL Over Their Olympic Decision


Sportsnet – Dick Pound was in the spotlight last week after harshly criticizing the NHL in an op-ed column he wrote for the Montreal Gazette regarding the league not sending its players to the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. Well, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) senior member doubled down on his comments during a Tuesday appearance on Prime Time Sports.

“I think ultimately they have betrayed their fan base, their global fan base, and they’ve betrayed the players that would like to have this unique chance to represent their country in the Olympics,” Pound said. “I think that ultimately translates into bad business because there’s a price for ignoring your players and your fans and they’ve got to think about that. I don’t think they have.”

Jesus, Dick. At least take Gary out to dinner first before you go to town on him like this. Dick Pound is using Bettman and Bill Daly as his personal fleshlights right now. Guy is going straight jackhammer on both of them and there’s no relenting in sight. A full week of Dick Pound having his way with the NHL and we haven’t even gotten to the money shot yet. Hope they’re both wearing a pair of goggles because Dick Pound is about to burst.

I’ve said this once, I’ve said it twice, I’ll say it at least 7 or 8 more times before Pyeongchang. I really don’t care what players are participating in the Olympics. Obviously I’d love for the best players in the world to play the biggest international tournament. But the World Juniors is some of the best hockey you’ll see every year and none of those guys are in the NHL so you do the math on that one. With that being said, the NHL keeps fucking themselves in the ass (even without the help of Dick Pound) in this situation. You’re not going to find anybody who will tell you they’re handling the Olympics properly. Yesterday it came out that even players in the minors under NHL contract will not be able to participate in the Olympics. AHL players who are signed to one-way, AHL only contracts will still be good to go. But anybody with a two-way contract cannot. I’m guessing that’s to prevent NHL players getting sent down to the AHL just to be eligible for the Olympics. So that makes sense but it’s still going to piss people off and be a PR nightmare for the NHL.

Which is why most of the hockey world is rallying around Dick Pound right now. Dick Pound is pretty much Hockey Twitter on Viagra. Saying all the stuff that hockey fans are thinking, just a little harder. He’s clearly got plenty of bias here being a member of the IOC. Business is better for him if the NHL is allowing their players to participate. So you have to take these criticisms with a grain of salt. But he’s also not wrong. In Pound Town We Trust.