The Trailer For 'Bachelor In Paradise' Dropped And It Looks Like They'll Address The DeMario/Corinne Situation

Oh you thought since The Bachelorette ended last night that you weren’t get any more blogs like this? Think again! The Bachelor universe never ever goes away. They never even miss a week (until they avoid football at all costs cause they’d get trounced). Bachelor In Paradise starts up next Monday. Last night they showed a preview of the upcoming season of Bachelor In Paradise and it looks like they’re going to address the DeMario/Corinne hot tub situation head on. Shameless! Shameless and I fucking love it. This is what separates the good reality TV from the bad reality TV. Take a situation where people initially thought there might be some sexual assault happening and turn it into promotion. That’s what the greats do. Once the investigation came back that no nefarious things went down, the ABC producers had to be licking their chops to throw this situation into the commercials. Sex sells. Controversy sells. This is both. I cannot WAIT for Bachelor In Paradise.