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This Frolfer Getting Knocked Out With A Sucker Punch Is Not The Vibe You Expect From A Frolf Outing

10News- A man who was sucker punched at Morley Field Disc Golf Course is hoping police find his attacker soon.

Dante Mena was playing disc golf with family and friends on August 5. When he saw a man breaking off tree branches, he asked him to stop. He soon realized there were two men when they became angry that he spoke up.

“They were upset that I disrespected them by doing that,” Mena said. “I just kept saying I’m not trying to disrespect you. And you know kind of mid-sentence or right in between there things went black. I didn’t see anything coming, I had no clue.” 

The sucker punch was so hard it knocked him unconscious and severely hurt his face.

“Shattered the cheek bone and eye socket and busted the nose and got stitches all in the mouth and all out here,” he said. “It was just a super good sucker punch if you will.”

His wife caught the attack on video, and now they hope it will help police catch the man.

“It’s disturbing and I want to maintain my belief that most people are good out there but things like this I think people should be held accountable,” Mena said. “It could have happened to anybody I believe.”

Yiiiiiikes. When you come to the park for some frolf and you leave with CTE, you expect the brain damage to stem from an errant throw. Or from falling out of a tree in an effort to get a better angle at the hole(?) Or asking some baseball players if they’ll share the field, only to have them beat you up with bats because you’re trying to frolf. Even the cross-country team, with their impossibly small shorts and famine-survivor bodies, would beat up on the frisbee kids. Brain hemorrhages induced by any of those causes are expected on the frolf course.

But when the drummer for a Motley Crue cover band sucker punches you off the fairway and into the gorse on 13, it might be time to start wearing a helmet. Poor guy already has a cart full of ‘bees and the official hiking boots of frolfers everywhere.

You know what, I can’t keep this up. I just watched it again and fuck that guy for punching that other guy. What a coward. All he did was tell him to stop breaking branches off trees in the park. I could write some flippant take about how the dude shouldn’t tell people to break branches off trees, and how removing those branches probably makes it easier to get up and down for par. But this tough guy and his dickhead pal deserve to have someone stick an unfolded frisbee up their ass in jail.