There's Gonna Be A Colin Kaepernick Protest At NFL Headquarters... RUH ROH

First thing’s first, I am team there’s something fishy going on with Kaepernick. I wasn’t always that way but I switched teams last week when Harbaugh and Newsome wanted to sign him to the Ravens but Biscotti wasn’t into it (you can read that here, if you wish). If you ask me, its hard to keep saying it’s football reasons if the football minds wanted him but the suits didn’t.

Now having said that, few problems with this protest:

1. “United we stand”? I don’t know, just a weird tagline for a protest centered around kneeling, if you ask me. United we don’t stand or united we kneel or united we won’t get haircuts no matter what Michael Vick says, something like that would’ve worked better. Just one man’s opinion.

2. Can’t spell Kaepernick’s name wrong. This is a big one. When you’re saying you’re a huge fan of a guy, such a fan that you’re willing to protest, then you gotta spell the name right. I know, I know, Kaepernick is a ridiculous last name and that first “e” has no business being there, but still. You’ve gotta mix in a google before you tweet this flyer. We’re talking about a protest here, not a Barstool blog so spelling matters.

3. August 23rd? Why are we waiting so long? You know what the Brady 4 did as soon as Tom’s suspension was announced? We got in a car and drove from Boston to New York. We took immediate action. This is pussy footing around and I frankly, I think you guys are just hoping Kap gets signed before you have to actually attend this protest. If you’re about it, be about it. Don’t go waiting 20 days to show that you’re upset.

4. This one isn’t necessarily a “problem” with the protest, more of a tip. I just mentioned the Brady 4 so if I could give you a little tip from an NFL HQ protest vet: be ready to spend the night in jail. They don’t take super kindly to business being disrupted in the 7th circle of hell that is Roger Goodell’s office so you’re gonna have to really commit to this thing. Security guards will immediately come out to try and stop you, body them to demonstrate physical dominance. Make your way inside and when those guards try and shut you up, make your presence known by screaming that you demand to speak to Roger Goodell. When they politely ask you to leave, refuse. Eventually you’ll be arrested and you’ll spend the night in jail and your cause will be largely ignored and nothing will change at all. But hey, at least you got some press and a couple of McDoubles from the NYPD that night (this part may be subject to prisoners, it might only happen if you’ve recently donated a shitload of money to fallen officers so I suggest doing that too).

Nonetheless, good luck!