These Old Folks Breaking It Down To J-Kwon's "Tipsy" At A Concert Are The Best

Forget about Anna Farris and Chris Pratt for two seconds. These are the real couples of the world. Not the couples you love because they’re in your favorite movies and TV shows. I mean the TV show Friends lasted longer than Farris and Pratt and people are crying into their cereal. But those two old people at the hip hop concert have probably been together through multiple world wars and multiple economic depressions and they’re still loving every second. By the way, people forget just how big of a jam “Tipsy” was. If you lived through it you certainly haven’t forgotten. That was the goddamn anthem for underage drinking. I hope it still is. Its o’s of the best one hit wonders of all time. J-Kwon entered our lives rapping about fake IDs and never did anything noteworthy ever again. That’s a pretty good legacy actually.