Not Good! Goldberg Has Now Been Busted For Meth


NY Daily News - “Mighty Ducks” goalie Goldberg has fallen on some hard times.

Shaun Weiss was arrested for possession of a controlled substance in Los Angeles on Wednesday after authorities received a 911 call about a man stumbling around yards near the Warner Bros. studio lot, TMZ reports.

Weiss was reportedly in possession of meth, but it is unclear the amount he had on him, according to the gossip site. The 38-year-old actor’s arrest comes mere days after he was sentenced to 150 days in jail for stealing $151 worth of merchandise from an electronics store.

Ahhhh shit. Now this makes a little more sense. I was wondering what Goldberg was doing stealing $150 worth of electronics for. Like what did he need that bad that he had to steal? And why couldn’t he just throw that shit on a credit card or casually mention to somebody that his birthday was coming up and he also really wanted that new whatever the hell he stole. Turns out he was probably just stealing that shit for drug money.

So now we’ve got an even bigger issue on our hands here. At first I just thought that Goldberg is broke. Which sucks but it’s easily fixable once we make D4: The Mighty Ducks. Then he’d be a mega millionaire again. But now it turns out that he’s broke AND a drug addict. Not exactly the best combination in the world, if we’re being honest. He clearly needs our help and he clearly needs help from his fellow Ducks.

What ever happened to all that “Ducks Fly Together” shit? Charlie went on to star in the hit television series Dawson’s Creek. Fulton went on to star in the Butterfly Effect and the Hunger Games. Hell, even Luis Mendoza went on to do his own stuff like nearly beating a guy to death as a firefighter. So everybody has gone on to do bigger and better things all while leaving poor Goldberg in the dust. They left him behind on his own and this is his final cry for help. If the Ducks are the team that we all think they are, then they need to come back and help Goldberg find his wings. Because I’m not letting one of the greatest most mediocre fictional goalies of a generation go out like this.