The Mr. Robot Season 3 Teaser Trailer Has Been Released And I Guess That's Exciting?

LETSSSSSS GOOOOOOO…right? I mean when I saw that this trailer had come out, I got real excited like I do for all trailers because it’s pretty much a TV show highlight reel and it means there is a new way to distract myself from real life outside of sports and Twitter. Season 1 of Mr. Robot was a fresh new show that was also a fucking rollercoaster of twists and turns. Season 2, not so much. I mean I THINK I liked Season 2 at some parts. I definitely didn’t like the twist everyone saw coming. Then again, I don’t remember much that happened outside of some shootouts with Chinese people and me becoming absolutely terrified of Darryl from The Office and The Dark Web. But I also remember being in Jay Cutler “DONT CAAAAAAAARE” Mode for a good chunk of the season.

And the fact that I can’t name more than 1 character on the show after two full seasons is kind of concerning. I know Elliot’s name because he is the main character and all (even though I just call him Mr. Robot most of the time). But then there is Elliot’s sister, The Blonde Girl, The Chinese Dude Who Sometimes Wears Dresses, The Hot Chick That Looks Like She Could Be Angelina Jolie’s Sister, The Other Hacker Guy That Is Married To Fake Angelina Jolie, The Girl Cop That Is Kind Of A Badass, The Bald Bearded Dude That Is Your Typical Corporate Big Wig Asshole, And Christian Slater. That’s it. And I’m not some clueless TV watcher. I have a pretty tight handle of what’s going on during Game of Thrones and I definitely know everyone’s name. Sure there are a bunch of weird names or names that sound very close to each other. But I took time to learn them because I care. I don’t know if I can say the same about Mr. Robot. Again, Season 1 was fun as fuck. Season 2 not as much. Hopefully Season 3 is an improvement and we go from there. We don’t really get much from the teaser but it definitely looks to be more in the ilk of Season 2. I think this is my Make or Break season for Mr. Robot. If it stinks, I’m out. If it’s good, I’m in. If it’s meh, I’m probably still out. There’s enough going on in the sports world during October to distract me enough to forget a show I once liked is on.