This Pre-Tournament Line Brawl Between Canada And Russia Shows Olympic Hockey Will Be Just Fine Without The NHL

This is what I’ve said from the very beginning. It doesn’t matter what names are on the back of the jerseys when it comes to Olympic hockey. It just matters what’s on the front. When you have a bunch of guys playing for their home country on the biggest stage in the world, you’re going to great hockey. Whether it’s Ovechkin and Crosby keeping the highlight reel guys busy. Or if it’s just a bunch of rag-tag group of B-leaguers chucking some knucks in a friendly exhibition game. No matter what, you’re in for a gongshow.

And if this is the type of hockey we should expect for the 2018 games, well then it’s time to beef up the US roster. This is the kind of tournament that their World Cup roster could thrive in. Big dick hockey where you’re looking for blood every time you go into the corner for a loose puck. The kind of hockey where you see a guy with his head down, you go out of your way to send him to the dark room. I’m almost positive that players in the AHL with just one-way contracts will be able to compete in the Olympics this year. So we just need to start looking for the biggest, baddest sons of bitches in the AHL and the ECHL to roster a team who will literally beat the shit out of everybody in Pyeongchang and the gold will be as good as ours.