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Vince Wilfork Hit Us With The Best Retirement Video Of All Time

I’m sure Jerry will hit us with a fun breakdown of Vince’s career but the blog world moves fast so I gotta get this up and tip my RIBS cap to Vince Wilfork. When I first saw this come across my timeline I kinda rolled my eyes at first, I’ll admit it, because I thought the #Sponsored retirement was gonna be kind of lame.

Shame on me.

THAT is how you do a retirement video, ladies and gentlemen. That’s a guy who’s at piece with his decision. One of my favorite Patriots of all time is hanging ‘em up so he can go smoke some meats and cigars and stop trying to keep that 350 pound body in shape (that sounds sarcastic but I’m serious, Vince Wilfork is insanely fit for a 6’2″ 350 pound man).

Smooth smoking, Vince. See you in 2021 when you get inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame. I’d like to pretend that he only played for the Patriots his whole career, something I’d absolutely do in any other situation, but his stint in Houston did give us this picture and it’s far too iconic to ignore.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 5.20.53 PM