Steph Curry Went On Korea's "Infinite Challenge" Game Show And It Was Pretty Silly!

SF Gate- Stephen Curry can now add another accolade to his resume: Contestant on a South Korean variety show.

Curry and his brother Seth, who recently returned from an Under Armour-sponsored tour of Asia, appeared on an episode of Infinite Challenge, a Korean TV program. In it, the Currys took on the cast of the show in some unusual five-on-two basketball challenges.

In one particularly funny segment, the hosts of the show argue they need more help stopping the Curry brothers on the court. 

“You need more help?” Curry asks the struggling hosts. “This is your home.”

Infinite Challenge is one of the most popular variety shows in South Korea, and regularly draws high-profile guests from the world of international sports and Hollywood

Steph Curry just signed a $201 million contract. At a certain point, you have to believe he has the financial means to turn down some gigs. Like when his agent pitched this to him, how did Steph agree to do it? Lord knows Under Armour won’t pull their deal just because Steph refuses to work with these whacky, cooky Koreans. Every man has his breaking point; Steph came pretty close right here:

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 9.43.15 AM

“Why am I not golfing?”

As far as the actual game, hands-guy was probably my favorite because he looks like a nerdy turkey.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 9.53.59 AM

Beyond that, this was painful to watch. Fake laughter like you read about. I’m sure Seth enjoyed himself though. Always the bridesmaid…