Howie Rose Ethered Some Random ESPN "Stooge" For Causing A Delay To The Start Of Sunday Night Baseball

HOWIE DON’T HURT’EM!!! I didn’t know Howie Rose had that kind of fight in him but he just put that ESPN stooge in the fucking books. Calling someone a stooge is in the same class as calling them a clown or a bozo. Just absolutely vicious namecalling that nobody can really come back from without taking at least a standing 8 count. But I can’t blame Howie one bit. It sucks enough having the watch the Mets on TV whenever I’m home. I couldn’t imagine having to travel with them around the country and call their train wreck of a season on the radio while having to fill 8 billion moments of dead air between pitches. I mean I’m a Mets fan for life. But Howie bleeds orange and blue. Him and Gary Cohen can name things about the Mets franchise that nobody other than Frank The Tank can. He’s had to live through TWO separate dildo controversies, Mr. Met flipping the bird, Mets dying at an alarming rate as Ray Ramirez continues to perform his masterpiece, and countless other lowlights in a lost season. The last thing in the world Howie wanted to do when he woke up that morning was call a Mets-Dodgers game at 8 pm on a Sunday night while the rest of the country got to relax at home and watch Thrones. If you then delay the first pitch of said game, Howie Rose may just become a mushroom cloud laying motherfucker, motherfucker. And if you can’t understand that, it means your baseball team has never been dead in the water come August 6th.

h/t atf13atf