A Full Blown WWE Royal Rumble Broke Out On The Subway And It Was Pretty Damn Awesome

When I first opened this video, I thought I was going to hate it. I was expecting performance artist assholes doing performance asshole artist things. But you know what? I can’t hate it. Not even a little bit. In fact it’s #actuallygood. You know why? Because everything is much much muchhhh better with old school WWF stuff. The entrance music, the ridiculous swagger, the Stone Cold Stunners. My God the Stone Cold Stunners. So simple yet so entertaining. Think I’m kidding? Well explain how I got an Emmy for Best Internet Commercial then.

Back to the subway video. If the guys in that video were willing to take bumps like that anywhere, let alone the petri dish that is the New York City Subway System, they for sure earned my YouTube view. Especially the guy that played Booker T. Dude took a chokeslam to hell AND a tombstone on a subway floor and somehow didn’t contract grayscale or Hepatitis A-Z while doing it.

Also shout out to the guy who played Kane. Simply seeing a person dressed head to toe in an actual Kane costume on the subway was my 2nd favorite part of the video (as well as the announcer losing his shit when Kane appeared and mowed motherfuckers down in perfect Jim Ross form).

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 10.46.02 AM

But the real MVP of the video was easily the subway riders. True to form, New Yorkers couldn’t give a fuck about what was going on two inches from their face during their commute. It doesn’t matter if some dickhead brings a peacock on the train or a goddamn Pay-Per-View brawl just broke out right in your lap. New Yorkers don’t have time for that shit and it makes me proud to have shared that mobile germ dungeon with people like this.

Also I made sure to clear this blog with Robbie Fox before writing it. I didn’t want to cuck Octagon Bob out of a wrestling blog and then get challenged to the eight-sided circle. I have a family for petes sake. So do me a favor and rate/review/subscribe to his podcast with Carrabis. It has stuff for old school wrestling fans like me and new school wrestling fans like the #GoPresGo crowd.