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Usain Bolt Got Smoked By TWO Americans In His Final 100 Meter Race. USA! USA! USA!

Suck it Usain Bolt! Suck it! Lost to not one, but TWO Americans in what is expected to be his final 100 meter race. Dude hasn’t lost in a decade. But over the weekend, he was taken to the woodshed.

NY Post - This time, Bolt finished third in the 100-meter dash at world championships. That’s right: A bronze-medal finish Saturday night in the going-away party for one of the planet’s most entertaining icons and track and field’s lone shining star.

“No regrets,” Bolt insisted, long after a result that stunned a pumped-up crowd into near silence. “It was always going to end, no matter what happened — win, lose or draw. It doesn’t change anything in my career.”

Gatlin, who actually trailed Bolt at the halfway point, heard boos cascade loudly across the stadium when his winning time, 9.92 seconds, popped up on the scoreboard. The 35-year-old, who has served two doping bans and been widely cast as a villain to Bolt’s hero, went sprawling to the ground with a huge smile. Later, he bowed down to the man he finally defeated.

Coleman, a 21-year-old in the first major race of his life, was in shock, too: “To beat someone I looked up to when I was growing up. I was just happy to be on the line with him,” he conceded.

Bolt, who finished third in a time of 9.95, accepted with class both the result, and the fact that, at 30, he probably is picking the perfect time to retire.

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 10.47.27 AM

That’s right, shhhhhhh to all the haters. Shhhhhhhh.

Look, I get it. Justin Gatlin has been popped not once but twice for doping. He’s been stripped of medals, banished to the swamps, and labeled as a villain. Meanwhile Usain Bolt is the golden boy. Unbeaten since 2009. When he’s on TV, all eyeballs are on him. He’s made the common man care about track and field, the same way Michael Phelps has made people care about swimming. And Usain Bolt has not only set, but demolished every record there is to break.


Track and Field isn’t an individual sport- it’s a nation-wide sport. You don’t run it for yourself, you run it for your country. So as great as Bolt is, I can’t be upset or care that he lost. In fact, I’ve always rooted against him. I’ve always wanted my fellow countrymen to stomp his lights out. He’s a marvel to watch, but so is the Canadian hockey team and the Russian gymnastics team, and you’ll never catch me rooting for Sidney Crosby or Aliya Mustafina.

So off into the sunset goes Usain Bolt. I mean sure, he could probably just get back to training and win every gold medal for the next 3 Olympics if he really wanted to, but since he’s retiring, fuck him. USA wins again. USA! USA! USA!