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Jay Gruden Met With the Redskins Last Night; Appears to Be Their #1 Choice

So they wined and dined little Gruden last night. And all these “sources” are saying he is their number 1 choice. I don’t think anyone is really shocked. Snyder gets the big name he craves, and Gruden has had success as the Bengals OC, despite Andy Dalton’s best efforts to sabotage him.

A point everyone is making about Gruden is he wanted Andy Dalton over Colin Kaepernick.

PFT - The Enquirer reports that Bengals owner Mike Brown was pushing for Kaepernick, but Gruden said Dalton was the better fit for the Bengals’ offense, and so Brown went along with Gruden’s recommendation. “I like this guy,” Brown said of Kaepernick, according to the report. “He has unusual mobility.” Gruden replied, “I want Dalton. He fits what I want to do.”

I don’t see this as an issue. We fucking WANT Griffin to become more of a pocket passer, you know, because he doesn’t have a knee anymore. So maybe it was a mistake to take Dalton over CK, but Dalton is still a young, somewhat good pocket passer. And Gruden had him starting as a rookie and he didn’t suck. So all this about him wanting a guy who fit the system malarkey is just people trying to make it a story. If Gruden can turn RG3 into a pocket passer so he has a career after 2015, I’m all for it.