Jay Cutler To Sign A 1 Year Deal With The Miami Dolphins

Let’s Fucking Do This. I’ll admit that this news made me happy. Love him or hate him, think he sucks or think he’s an O-Line, Receivers, and a Head Coach away from a break out year, the fact remains, the NFL is more fun with Jay Cutler in it.  It sucks that he won’t be calling the Week 1 Bears game aka the only interesting story line this year for the Bears outside of Trubisky, but watching him in South Beach will be fun. And the fact remains, Cutler played well with Gase as his OC, it’s the ultimate what if for the ultimate what if career. Can’t wait to watch it play out from afar without anything personally invested.

Oh and one more thing Miami, take this for if Cutler gets hurt. You’re welcome.


I love that Bus Cook can do the whole Favre un-retirement thing again with Cutler. No one better than he is.