This Dude Who Attached A Hammock To His Drone And Is Flying Around In The Sky Is My New King

I’m a couch guy. It’s my natural habitat. I was born on a couch, raised on a couch, and I’ll die on a couch. This is my land and I won’t abandon it for anything. But, I’m not immune to the problems that come with couch life. I’ve been known to wonder “should I do something today?” “what’s the weather like outside?” “am I taking this lazy thing just a bit too far?”

Guess what? I’ll wonder that no longer with flying hammock couch. Solves every single problem I’ve ever had in my life (I don’t have a particularly difficult life). I can lounge, stream Netflix, get my heart rate up while I’m soaring about the city, and get some fresh air. It’s quite literally perfect.

Only change I’d make here is I’d get some altitude on that bitch. Get some air under you, you know? Because I’m not scared of heights, I’m scared of getting hurt. I’m way more worried about falling 50 feet and potentially surviving than I am worried about falling 10,000 feet and being dead as shit. That’s the big problem with this: he’s floating at what appears to be a somewhat survivable fall. Fuck that. Take me to where either I die or live but don’t take me to “eh, you might break a back and have some other horrible injuries, but you’ll be OK after an eternity of rehab” height. That height sucks.

(Update: Fake news. Don’t care.)