It's The End Of An Era In Sports Entertainment As Eva Marie Is Released From WWE

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It’s a somber day in the combat sports world. Our Slay Kween, Natalie Eva Marie, better known by her stage name, “Eva Marie”, is having it called a career by her employer, Vince McMahon. Let’s not forget her best moments, both in and out of the squared circle where she was one of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots.

She showed up, said she was going to make a name for herself, called Summerslam “Superslam”, called Jinder Mahal “Ginger Mahal”, and wrestled exclusively in multi-woman tags where she never left the apron. Her boob then exploded and she had to get a new one, so many months were taken off as she struggled to have a baby on that season on Total Divas. When she returned, she had a decent character in NXT that blurred the line between shoot and work based on how bad she was at everything, and talked her way into a title shot in Conor McGregor fashion. In that match, Eva Marie helped cement Bayley as the best woman’s wrestler on the WWE’s roster due to her broom like movements, and because of those movements, she got her big break on the main roster. Her gimmick was a brilliant ironic message about her career, making fun of her every step of the way, and never allowing her to wrestle.

Those legendary performances got her signed to The Rock/Ronda Rousey’s talent agency, WME, who landed her a spot in Nicolas Cage’s next movie.

I for one won’t forget that one time she did a suplex, as a hardcore fan of the in-ring stuff that comes along with sports entertainment, or this video titled “Eva Marie Makes Everything Hot” which should have been titled “Eva Marie Makes You Feel More Uncomfortable Than You Have Ever Felt But She’s Nice To Look At”.


Eva is expected to be a first ballot Hall of Famer in 2018.

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