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Bullied Kid Gets A Motorcycle Gang Escort On His First Day Of School

NY Post- Bullying eroded 11-year-old Phil Mick’s self-esteem in recent years, but Tuesday – his first day of sixth grade – dozens of motorcyclists helped boost the Auburn boy’s confidence by escorting him to DeKalb Middle School.

About 50 bikers from such cities as Fort Wayne and Columbia City gathered at Richards Restaurant in Auburn for the motorcade, which was promoted on Facebook, organizer Brent Warfield of KDZ Motorcycle Sales & Service said.

“As a motorcycle community, we don’t want to see children getting bullied, because it leads to teenage suicide,” he said in a phone interview.

According to a 2015 report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suicide is the third-leading cause of death for ages 10 to 14. Youths who frequently bully others and youths who are frequently bullied are at an increased risk for suicide-related behavior, the agency reported.

Tammy Mick said her son wasn’t forthcoming about being bullied, but she noticed changes in him and got him to talk. She described Warfield as a “god angel” to Phil, who had been tormented to the point that he felt worthless and would call himself stupid, she said.

Warfield met the family at Christmastime last year, he said, and he offered to arrange a first-day-of-school escort when he learned of Phil’s plight. The boy’s story “hit my heart,” he said.
Mick said Phil, who called the bikers his brothers and sisters, eagerly anticipated Tuesday’s motorcycle ride – his first.

“I recommend this for any kid who’s being bullied,” Mick said in a phone interview before Phil returned home from school. “He was all smiles this morning.”

Right in the feels! Bullying stories always get to me. Maybe because I was bullied growing up, and again now at my job most days, but my heart breaks for kids who get bullied. Young Phil Mick seems like a solid dude. He’s a big fan of motorcycle gangs which seems like an unusual interest for an 11-year-old but I’m not here to judge. Gotta be a pretty cool feeling to have a 50-person motorcycle escort take you to your first day of school. Talk about making an entrance! Gotta believe the chicks were totally conflicted by this move because on the one hand, Phil is stealing their thunder, drawing attention away from their new first-day outfits and summer tans. But on the other hand, they’re soaking their socks because here’s heartthrob Phil Mick, an 11-year-old Son of Anarchy. Soaked!

Wish we could have seen the reaction shots of the bullies. Scurrying like cockroaches through the halls, pulling change out of their pockets to give to Phil as tribute. The school is on notice: Phil Mick isn’t fucking around this year. Come get a taste of that dick while you can.