I Promise You'll Never See A More Embarrassing Strikeout Than This

You don’t often see ankle breaking strikeouts and somehow I had two come across my Twitter feed last night. This one here, from the Braves AAA team, and Manny Machado against the Tigers…

Basically every other sport has dudes get embarrassed but you rarely see that in baseball. Sure, you’ll see guys get fooled on a pitch, or hit a monster shot, or get robbed by a great catch but it never really comes off as the victim getting really shown up, you know? It’s more just a tip of the cap and a look of “man, he beat me that time… what are you gonna do?” rather than true defeat.

But these two? These are posterizing dunk strikeouts. They’re tear your ACL as I just juked you out of your jockstrap strikeouts. They’re Scott Stevens knocking Paul Kariya into next week strikeouts. Some of the most embarrassing strikeouts I’ve ever seen on the baseball field, but even though Manny Machado’s should be worse because he’s a pro pro and all that, I gotta give it to our man in AAA. There’s just nothing worse than the fall where you’re trying to save yourself. That’s why I immediately drop the second I start going down. Trying to recover is a fool’s errand and will only serve to make you look like a bigger asshole. Take a dive, don’t try and go 12 rounds with gravity.