The Next 30 For 30 Will Be About The 1988 Dallas Carter High School Football Team (The Badass Team From The End Of The Friday Night Lights Movie)

Now this is a 30 For 30 I can get behind. I remember when they first launched the series, a lot of the documentaries focused on some of the lesser talked about yet extremely interesting stories in sports histories. Now they are doing 30 For 30s about John Calipari, who is still fucking coaching, and the Lakers/Celtics rivalry, which has been documented a few times here and there I would say.

But as someone that enjoyed the Friday Night Lights movie (even though the TV show is muchhhh better regardless of what Chief says), I couldn’t think of a better subject than the Dallas Carter high school football team. Dallas Carter was maybe the most badass team based on a real team that I have ever seen. Every player on offense AND defense looked like they were Tecmo Bo + Tecmo LT + Madden Vick all rolled in one. 53 (or whatever a Texas high school football roster is) video game bosses playing together coached by a guy eating a Blowpop in the cockiest way possible. But all I knew about them is what I saw in Friday Night Lights.

Every 6 months or so I will go to the 2001 Miami Hurricanes Wikipedia page and just laugh at how ridiculously awesome that team was. The legacy section in particular cracks me up.

The 2001 Miami Hurricanes are considered by many experts and historians the greatest team in college football history.[5] The Hurricanes scored 512 (42.6 points per game) points while yielding only 117 (9.75 points allowed per game). Miami beat opponents by an average of 32.9 points per game, the largest margin in the school’s history, and set the NCAA record for largest margin of victory over consecutive ranked teams (124–7).[6] The offense set the school scoring record, while the defense led the nation in scoring defense (fewest points allowed), pass defense, and turnover margin.[6] Additionally, the Hurricane defense scored eight touchdowns of its own. Six players earned All-American status and six players were finalists for national awards, including Maxwell Award winner, Ken Dorsey, and Outland Trophy winner, Bryant McKinnie. Dorsey was also a Heisman finalist, finishing third.

Among the numerous stars on the 2001 Miami squad were: quarterback Ken Dorsey; running backs Clinton Portis, Willis McGahee, Najeh Davenport, and Frank Gore; tight end Jeremy Shockey; wide receiver Andre Johnson; offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie; defensive linemen Jerome McDougle, William Joseph, and Vince Wilfork; linebackers Jonathan Vilma and D.J. Williams; and defensive backs Ed Reed, Mike Rumph, and Phillip Buchanon. Additional contributors included future stars Kellen Winslow II, Sean Taylor, Antrel Rolle, Vernon Carey, and Rocky McIntosh. In all, an extraordinary 17 players from the 2001 Miami football team were drafted in the first-round of the NFL Draft (5 in the 2002 NFL Draft: Buchanon, McKinnie, Reed, Rumph, and Shockey; 4 in 2003: Johnson, Joseph, McDougle, and McGahee; 6 in 2004: Carey, Taylor, Vilma, Wilfork, Williams, and Winslow; 1 in 2005: Rolle; and 1 in 2006: Kelly Jennings).

Overall, 38 members of the team would be selected in the NFL Draft. As of 2013, they had earned a combined total of 43 trips to the Pro Bowl: Ed Reed (9), Andre Johnson (7), Frank Gore (5), Vince Wilfork (5), Jeremy Shockey (4), Jonathan Vilma (3), Willis McGahee (2), Chris Myers (2), Clinton Portis (2), Antrel Rolle (2), Sean Taylor (2), Bryant McKinnie (1), and Kellen Winslow II (1). In addition, Vilma, Shockey, Wilfork, Joseph, Rolle, McGahee, and Reed have won the Super Bowl. It has been estimated that the 2001 Hurricanes would cost nearly $120 million as an NFL team as early as 2009.

As well as the scores of some of their games.


That is absolutely STUPID. Sorry, I got caught up in just how good that team was again. Anyway, it sounds like the Dallas Carter football team was the high school version of that Hurricanes team before some sort of craziness hit. And when you add in what high school football means to Texas (Source: Every Texas high school football movie and TV show I have ever seen), you have no clue where the story is going to take you. But there is probably some shady shit going down.

P.S. I know it’s almost cliche to say at this point, but I neeeeeeed a 30 For 30 about the 2001 Miami Hurricanes. Like only about them. Not a part from The U. But every little thing about that team. I also need an in depth E:60 about the 7th Floor Crew. Again, a snippet from The U isn’t going to cut it.

Oh yeah but the Dallas Carter 30 For 30 should be great. Can’t wait.