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Bob Kraft Sending Season Ticket Holders Their Ticket To The AFC Championship Is As Cocky As Cocky Gets

(I don’t know if they do this every year so don’t yell at me plz. I’m assuming they don’t since this season ticket holder seems surprised by it and some beat writers also took note)

Logically speaking, this makes sense. It is more probable than not that the Patriots play in the AFC Championship at Gillette Stadium every season Tom Brady and Bill Belichick don their Flying Elvis apparel. They’ve playing in the last six, four at home, and Brady has played in 11. Bob Kraft is a businessman and you don’t become a billionaire making bad financial decisions, if you’re a Super Bowl championship team who’s gotten way better in the offseason then might as well just ship that AFC Champ ticket out with the rest of them. Save on the postage, you know? If you ask me this makes just as much sense as sending out the week 1 ticket and you could make the argument that the regular season tickets are just preseason games that fans are forced to buy to get the real ones.

That doesn’t change the fact that it’s cocky as all hell, however. I haven’t seen a move with this much brash confidence since… well, since earlier in the week when Kraft said that the Patriots had run out of places to put Super Bowl banners so Gillette needed to undergo some construction this summer.

And I know, I know, reading this must make want fans of other teams want to put their computer in the microwave. I don’t fault you at all if you pop it in there and hit that Popcorn button. The arrogance that oozes out of every piece of Patriots related content on the internet must be insufferable and to that I say, what are we supposed to do? Sorry, I guess. It’s tough to talk about this team without being a real dick, it’s the hardest part of the fanhood. It’s our burden to carry and I’m sorry you have to absorb some of it.