I've Waited To Say This For A Few Years, Happy Sonny Gray Day!!!!

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AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Today is the day. Our brand new son is here to pitch us to a pennant. I’ve waited for this day for almost five years as I’ve been a fan of Sonny Gray since he debuted in 2013. I think he’s one of the more underrated pitchers in all of baseball and doesn’t get the credit he deserves to where he should be dubbed an ace. His last five starts have been absolutely dominant, not allowing more than two earned runs in any appearance. What really makes me like Gray is his ground ball rate: Among the 99 pitchers who have thrown at least 90 innings this year, Grays ranks seventh with a 56.7% ground ball rate. Since the start of the 2014 season, he’s fifth with a 54.6% ground ball rate. There’s no ace on the Yankees staff anymore because it’s 1A/1B between Severino and Gray and that makes me smile ear to ear.

Player’s Tribune just dropped a Sonny Gray piece and it’s awesome. Here are some cool tidbits..

Sonny and his wife Jessica have a son named Gunnar. The toughest part about a trade is picking up your family and lifestyle and moving it elsewhere at a moment’s notice. It’s so hard, and with a 2 1/2 year old it can’t be easy to explain the situation going on. Fortunately it seems like Gunnar is growing into his new Yankees hat.

My wife, Jessica, is always one step ahead of me. And when we found out about the trade, she knew exactly what the first move was: Buy Gunnar a Yankees hat. And of course, he loved it. But with him being so young, you know — there was still some questioning going on at first: “Why, Dad? Why we’re not playing for the A’s anymore?” 

The beauty of 2½-year-olds, though, is that they’re also very understanding. And so I just told him, “Well, buddy … we’re going to play for the Yankees now.” After that, he started doing this thing, where he would repeat the words out loud, over and over: The Yankees … the Yankees … the Yankees!

It’s awesome he grew up with liking the Yankees and the ’09 championship team.

One of the baseball teams that really meant something to me growing up was the 2009 Yankees — the World Series winner, with CC and A.J. Burnett at the top of the rotation. That was the year after I’d graduated high school, and had gotten drafted, but then decided to go to college — and it was right around the age where I was really trying to figure out if baseball was something that I could turn into a career. And I just remember loving to watch that Yankees team, as they made their run that year, and being so impressed by them, and I guess kind of pumped up about baseball by them — just getting very caught up in it.

And this is the part where we fall in love with Sonny Gray if you weren’t already. He’s here to give us everything he has every fifth day and pitch us to a pennant. His stuff is simply awesome, and his curveball falls from out of the goddamn sky. The break on this bad boy is off the charts and it makes me drop my jaw at times. He’s clearly excited to be slotted into a playoff chase where every start means a whole lot more than it did in Oakland.

I’m a competitor. I love to compete. And when I get on the mound, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to compete, and I’m going to come at guys. I’m going to challenge guys, straight-up — with my best stuff against their best stuff. And sometimes it’s going to work out, and sometimes it isn’t. But I think that’s just how my mentality is, especially being on the smaller side. It’s just how I was raised to play. And I think that’s what you can expect me to bring to New York. Both on my good and on my bad days — I’m going to compete all the same.

Tonight’s my first start as a Yankee, and I’ve gotta say — I’m looking forward to it. The guys have been awesome since I arrived, and have welcomed me with open arms. And I know, just from having played against them earlier in the season, that I’m joining what’s a really good team to begin with: with a deep and talented pitching staff, and a deadly lineup that has no breaks in it. This is a tough, tough group. So I’m just coming here to play my part.

But I’m excited — and I’ll be ready.

Today is indeed a Sonny Day and it’s time to watch an awesome pitcher’s duel between Kluber and Gray. BUY BUY BUY a shirt.

P.S. Andrew Miller was placed on DL as of last night. Huge four game set in that dump of a city Cleveland. Let’s take three of four and really get rolling.