We've Got Some Classic Glove Weight Controversy In The Mayweather/McGregor Fight

It’s been a quiet few days, but welcome back to what Dana White calls, “the shitshow”, AKA Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor. Our ol’ buddy (jk we hate him) Money Mayweather threw up this long Instagram post last night where he tells McGregor that they can use 8oz gloves in their August 26th superfight. There was a big deal made about the specifics of the gloves back in July during the press conferences, when Conor said…

“All these rules, all these restrictions, it doesn’t faze me…it amuses me. The gloves, they have to be 10 ounces ar 154 pounds. I think he’s fought at 154 pounds once. He wants the gloves up, no problem. I’ll wear 10 ounces. No Mexican-made gloves. No gloves made from horse hair. OK, no problem. We’re wearing gloves in our game for about five years, so I don’t give a fuck about gloves. It’s funny to me.”

…and Floyd quickly said he’d wear MMA gloves, he doesn’t care either (which was obvious bullshit). His Instagram is actually just more bullshit, too, because the Nevada State Athletic Commission decides how heavy the gloves are, not the fighters, and they’re not cool with 8oz gloves. In a statement to ESPN today they said:

“These regulations are in place for the health and safety of the athletes, which is of the utmost importance to the commission. Our regulations already outline the appropriate glove size according to contracted weight of a fight.”

Conor obviously shot back a response real quick and said pick whatever gloves you want, I’ll be there.

Calling Floyd’s hands “brittle” is so funny to me because it’s true. He’s got brittle little old man hands.

If you’re staying woke on the whole saga, Floyd knows he has to use 10oz gloves and snuck in an advertisement to Grant Worldwide Boxing Gloves when he tagged them in the post. I’m super woke and convinced that’s what happened. Another side note, what’s up with all of McGregor’s pictures where he is 10 feet in the air mid-jump? Is he gonna jump off the top rope in this fight? Dafuq is he prepping to do?

Re-writing prizefighting.

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