Always Good To Pick Up A DUI On Your Way To Court-Mandated DUI Class

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NBC - A Cicero woman was charged with DUI in the western suburbs Monday evening while she was on her way to a court-ordered DUI class for a previous arrest. Vanessa Vargas, 23, was pulled over about 5:30 p.m. in the 100 block of Woodside Road in Riverside, according to Riverside police. An officer smelled alcohol and cannabis coming from the vehicle, and Vargas failed sobriety tests, police said. She had a blood-alcohol concentration of .196, more than double the legal limit. The officer found an open beer can and 18 grams of cannabis in the vehicle, according to police. She told police that she was on her way to a mandated DUI class in Chicago as part of a plea agreement from a January 2016 DUI arrest in Berwyn.


Go Vanessa go! Keeping that brand strong! Think one little DUI mandated class is gonna keep the big dawg from eating? Hell to the no. I mean whole “driving while drunk and high is dangerous to everyone around you” aside, you can’t hate on her for at least driving to her class. That shows guts. That shows heart. That shows the judicial system is completely fucked up if they still allow someone with a DUI on their record to hop in a car and drive to DUI classes. That’s kinda my favorite thing about this. Does this look like the face of a woman who will stone cold stop drinking and driving on a dime?

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For sureeeee not.

And the good news is, she learned her lesson!

Tribune - “She had no reservations about driving drunk, speeding and smoking cannabis on her way to a court-mandated DUI counseling session,” Weitzel said. “When the officer questioned her about this she said, well I guess I learned my lesson.”

Oh good! Lesson learned. All she needed was to be popped drinking and driving on her way to her drinking and driving class and she swears she won’t do it again. No worse for the wear. She’ll go to court, they’ll give her mandated DUI classes, and round and round we’ll go. They can’t toss her in jail, who will take care of her (presumably) 7 kids? In fact, if we need a silver lining, let’s just applaud her for not having 3 of the kids piled into the front seat when she got popped. Progress, my friends. Progress.