Teenage Boy Does What We All Want To Do And Exits Plane By Opening Emergency Door And Climbing Down The Wing

HuffPo- Authorities are investigating reports that a 17-year-old boy opened a plane’s emergency exit and “slid down the wing” moments after it landed.

The Copa Airlines flight from Panama City was taxiing to its gate at San Francisco International Airport on Tuesday afternoon when the teen “unexpectedly” left via the exit door, the airline company said in a statement.

“A Copa crew member closed the exit door and the aircraft proceeded to the gate where all other passengers and crew disembarked safely,” the statement read. “The passenger has been taken into custody by law enforcement.”

Video that CBS San Francisco obtained shows people out of their seats and gathered around the plane’s opened door after the teen, who had been sitting in the exit row, had left.

“Everyone was just screaming,” 11-year-old Andrea Guzman, who shot the video, told the local station. “This guy, I see him jump on the wing, and then he starts climbing down the wing and then he just runs.”

Passenger Matt Crowder of Atherton described to NBC Bay Area how travelers reacted to the incident.

“They were yelling, ‘Tell the flight attendants. Relay the message back. The door’s open. Someone jumped off,’” he said. “It was pretty crazy.”

Love this kid, love this move. Every kid who has ever flown dreams of popping that door and sliding down the slide like a goddamn hero. It’s the best part of the emergency instructions pamphlet (using the pop-down oxygen masks is a close second). But it sounds like the slide didn’t even inflate! Boy just raw-dogged his exit, hopped onto the wing, and parkour’d his way down. Even had the presence of mind to CLOSE THE DOOR AFTER HIM. What a fucking legend! The fact we don’t have a video of this is one of the great tragedies of the day.

Have to wonder what he was after. What could possibly have made him need to escape the plane so badly that he couldn’t wait till they arrived at the gate? Did the hottest girl in school text him a nude and tell him he had 5 minutes to get there before her vagina was closed forever? Feel like we’d all understand if that were the case. Wish there was a pic of him jumping out of the plane so Gaz could instagram it with the old faithful caption:

“Bae, come over.”

“I can’t, I’m on a plane.”

“We can do butt stuff.”

“On my way.”