Matthew McConaughey Finds Out About Former Co-Star Sam Shepard's Death Live During A Red Carpet Question

Just brutal. McConaughey was at one of his premieres for The Dark Tower the other day and a reporter asked about the great actor Sam Shepard’s sudden passing. Shepard co-starred with McConaughey in the movie Mud (GREAT GREAT GREAT movie) and Shepard’s performance clearly moved him.The shootout scene where Sam snipes the fuck out of a few guys and saves Mud’s life is awesome.

But to find out your co-star and friend passed away in a live interview on the red carpet is just so sad. I couldn’t even imagine what was going through his head at that moment. The reporter didn’t even know how he died which felt weird, like how are you going to bring this up to a known friend of his and don’t even know how he died? It ended up coming out that Shepard was secretly battling ALS the last couple of years and unfortunately succumbed to the horrible disease on July 27th. Props to McConaughey who gave a very composed answer to the question and closed it out in classic McConaughey fashion “See you in the next one Sam.”

Fuck ALS