Family Calls For Investigation And Firings After Bacon Bits Found In Their McChickens

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Source –  The Alabama chapter of a national Muslim organization is calling for an investigation and firings after it said a Decatur McDonald’s put pieces of bacon in a Muslim family’s McChicken sandwiches. 

Khaula Hadeed, head of the Alabama chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said Tuesday that bacon was found in 14 sandwiches ordered Monday by the family at the McDonald’s.  Islam forbids adherents from eating pork, including bacon, and Hadeed called the incident “an intentional act of religious and ethnic bigotry.” 

Hadeed said the family was visiting from New York and stopped by the McDonald’s after a day at the Point Mallard Water Park. “They ordered 14 sandwiches. They started noticing it tasted different to them. They eat McChicken all the time at McDonald’s. They knew what they ordered — they know what’s in the sandwich,” she told

She said a small piece of bacon was found underneath one of the sandwiches. The family then opened all the other sandwiches, which also had bacon.“It doesn’t sound like a mistake, especially on 14 sandwiches,” Hadeed said.

Haters will call me anti-American but I’m on the family’s side here. I don’t think the guy did it on purpose, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a fireable offense. There is nothing more frustrating and infuriating than a surprise taste in your sandwich, especially when it’s a taste you hate/can’t eat because you’ll go to hell. If she had hopped the counter and started cracking skulls I don’t think anyone would’ve cared. Screwing up a single McChicken is one thing, but fourteen? Inexcusable. It’s not like she was at a Michelin rated restaurant but still- you should get what you pay for, even if it’s only a dollar forty-nine.

This is why it’s important to see your order being made; so you can stop them mid-screw up. Coach them through the sandwich. Although sometimes that’s more painful that eating the mystery ingredient. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the burrito lady pile on an un-wrappable amount of ingredients only to say “fuck it, I’ll grab a fork.” Not only that, I never know what they’re doing back there.

Now, in the event that this dude did intentionally put bacon on their sandwiches- he should be fired immediately. “Why such a hard stance, Pat?” I’m glad you asked. Other than the fact that he’s a massive scumbag, he’ll probably be a repeat offender. Today it’s bacon, tomorrow its spit, before you know it he’s shooting loads on sandwiches. I’d like to know what his train of thought was. Did he think he was being patriotic? Helping the war effort? He sounds like the type of guy that corrects people when they say french fries. “They’re freedom fries, dammit!” Which is funny in East Bound and Down but strange in real life. Whatever and whoever the case, that McDonald’s needs to clean house.