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No Big Deal But A UFO Flew Over Iowa Last Week


Nothing to see here, folks.  Only extraterrestrials flying over the greatest state on the map and taking a look at the goods.  If they’re in search of corn, soybeans, beautiful people and a blogger who looks a lot like a grown up baby then they’ve come to the right place.  We’ve got those things in spades.  I was too busy drinking a thousand beers at my local watering hole to see it live but I know a UFO when I see one and that’s a UFO.  Plain as day.  If you don’t think that’s a UFO then you need to step up your UFO game.  Media outlets all over are playing it off as nothing more than a giant meteor but they don’t know anything. They don’t want everybody freaking out about the possibility of Iowans getting scooped up by ET and his friends.  Isn’t NASA able to predict far in advance when a meteor is going to enter the Earth’s atmosphere? There’s a chance I just made that up but I’m pretty sure they are and this “meteor” came out of nowhere.  No warning, no thing.  Iowans just started calling news stations saying they saw something in the sky.  So that pretty much guarantees that it was a UFO.  It’s science.

Side Note: The more I think about it, the more it makes sense that the visitors decided to take a joy ride over Iowa.  Superior beings checking out what other superior being are up to.  The aliens want to connect with beings that are nearly as advanced as them.  That’s us.  Superior recognize superior.