Russian Paratrooper Gets Drunk And Punches A Reporter On Live TV

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 7.53.39 AM

Fucking pin point. A couple of things though.

1. I’m not exactly sure what the paratrooper said, but I took Russian for two and half semesters in college and walked away with precisely 0 accrued credits, so I’m comfortable translating. It appears as though this burly drunk fella is upset with the status of fake news.

2. I had no idea that Russia had gingers. That’s pretty dope. The fact that there are Russian gingers really toughens us up. I like it. Sure, he walked away from furthering the fight but he took that punch like a champion. There was absolutely no give in his jaw. The ginger root is tougher than we gave it credit for. Well done, reporter.

3. Lady reporter, my friend PFT Commenter said sup.