Apparently The Panthers Promised Jagr A Contract At The End Of The Season Before They Dicked Him Over In Free Agency


Today is August 2nd in the year of our lord 2017, and Jaromir Jagr is still a free agent. “How did we get here”, you ask? Well according to this report, it’s because the Florida Panthers are a bunch of two-timing, back-stabbing, crack-smoking swindlers who pulled a fast one on Jags.

NewYork Post – The Tyrannosaurus rex of them all currently is at home in Kladno in the Czech Republic. Jaromir Jagr is a free agent, somehow without a contract offer following a 16-goal, 46-point season for the Panthers. Across the NHL last season, there was a total of 33 wingers to record both that many goals and that many assists. Thirty-two of them are guaranteed to be in the league this season…

…We have it on good authority that Jagr was told at the end of the season by Florida management a contract offer would be forthcoming following the expansion draft, but then the pledge evaporated. Perhaps the change of heart followed the hiring of Bob Boughner as head coach.

Now I should mention that this report comes from Larry Brooks. Anybody who is familiar with his work knows he prides himself on being one of the loudest idiots in the room at all time. So would I take his “we have it on good authority” to the bank? If this were about anybody besides Jagr, probably not. But since we’re talking about a legend here and I am already pissed off at the Panthers for not continuously handing him 1-year contracts until he dies on the ice, I’m choosing to believe this report 100%. And what a bunch of conniving, dickless bastards running the ship down there in Florida.

I get that NHL teams are looking to get faster. I’ve said that in pretty much every single Jagr blog I’ve written this summer and there’s been about a baker’s dozen. And Brooks is right when he calls Jagr a T-rex because as we found out a few weeks ago, they were actually slow as shit. But he was also right when he said that every single player in the NHL who had similar numbers to Jagr last season already has a contract in place for next year. Every last one of them. And Jagr should have a contract in front of him, too. He was promised a contract before the Expansion Draft, and now he’s home in the Czech Republic just waiting for his phone to ring. You sick sons of bitches.

And if this is truly the case, then I’d expect every single player on the Panthers roster right now to walk into Dale Tallon’s office right now and “Rudy” the fuck out of him until he gives Jagr the contract he was promised. And then once he gives the contract to Jagr, I hope he uses it to wipe his ass with. Because trying to just replace Jagr with Radim Vrbata this offseason is an even bigger kick in the dick than lying straight to his face about the contract. Goddammit. I didn’t think I’d wake up today being this triggered by the Florida Panthers but here we are. Can’t wait for global warming to take care of all of this.