This Doctor Like To Show His Patients Nudes Of Himself Which Some Say Is A Problematic Practice

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“Now you know more about me than most of my patients.”

These were the last words spoken in person by Georgetown family physician Dr. Nigel Mark Phipps to Patient A as she fled his office after he showed her photos of himself naked, the woman testified Monday.
At the first day of his discipline hearing Monday, the five-member discipline panel heard that Phipps will admit to showing four photos of himself in various stages of undress to patients and staff and that his conduct was disgraceful, dishonourable or unprofessional. He denies the college allegation that his conduct would be considered sexual abuse of patients.

College lawyer Elisabeth Widner told the panel the photos — “selfies, as they are termed” — are as follows: one where he’s naked with his penis visible, one of Phipps’ naked buttocks, one where he’s naked from the groin up, but where the genitals are not visible, and a fourth showing him naked with a towel over his arm.

Creepy line to start it out there, doc. You cant do that. It gives away the fact that you are a creepy fucker way too soon. You gotta slow play your creepiness.

“You like what you see in that anatomy of the penis medical poster? That’s actually me,” and then give her the look.

I understand the desire to show strangers your nudes especially if you are lookin hot to trot like Nigel. Nigel probably stepped out of the shower and was thinkin he was lookin like a plate of delicious biscuits. Nice. Firm. Buttocks.

The problem with Nigel’s actions is that they are actually bad. You cant show people your penis unless they ask to see it. That’s a hard and fast rule in today’s society. Ladies, that goes for you too. You cant just go whipping your vagina out (again, showing my commitment to not say pussy in the blog.) This isn’t a sexist rule. If you’re a woman doctor, just check check my prostate. Dont show me your tits before you check it. I’m tired of that shit and wont put up with it anymore, Dr. Rosenthal. Also, cut your fucking nails. Jesus Christ.