Sox Get Victory of the Year In Walkoff Fashion. David Price Gets Splashed With Water. Cries Like A Baby (Wait For Last 3 Seconds) UPDATE - I Guess He Was Laughing After So That Negates My Blog. Goodbye. Sox Win.

I wonder what Carabis has to say about his BFF David Price now? Just more disgusting behavior from him. Crying like a little baby because he got splashed with water during the walk off celebration. I’d like to think Price was joking or faking being mad but I’m 99.9% sure this was a genuine reaction. In fact I’d go as far to say that I think he would have preferreed Vasquez striking out if that meant he got to stay dry. There are just some guys who aren’t meant for the bright lights and big city. David Price is one of them. Ship his ass back to Tampa where he belongs.

UPDATE – I guess there are clips of him laughing 2 seconds later. Well then I take back this blog so fuck you. I was just kidding. #GoPriceGo